How Much Length Can You Expect to Gain from Using Penis Extenders

13 Jun

Penis extenders have been proven in studies to be safe and effective in adding to the length of this important male organ. But perhaps the more important question is how much gain could you expect to obtain through the use of these devices?

How do penis extenders work?

Let us first look at the principle behind these medical devices. Although penis extenders are quite new, they make use of a principle that has been known for thousands of years. This is the capability of the body to adjust itself to the environment. Thus, the muscles and lungs of athletes become bigger and stronger in time. The penis adapts to stretching in a similar way in that it adds new cells that make it larger.

How much length of the penis can be expected?

Various claims have been made as to the number of inches that the male organ can actually gain, although most reputable makers of penis extenders admit that a gain of more than 3 inches is not possible. Some claim that the length could increase from 1 to 1.5 inches within 3 months if the device is used for 5 to 8 hours a day. Some makers of penis extenders claim that up to 3 inches can be added to penis length.

What do clinical studies say?

According a study made in Italy in 2009, the gain in penis size was a little less than 1 inch. In this particular study, the participants used the penis extenders for at least 4 hours a day and measurements were made after 6 months. As you can see from the study, a gain of about 1 inch could be expected after 6 months, but the devices were used only for 4 hours a day.

3 Replies to “How Much Length Can You Expect to Gain from Using Penis Extenders

  1. Do we have to do excersizes for this supplement to make the penis longer? Or would it do it on its own? Also, how many inches?

    • Hi
      When your penis is erect it will get longer with virilityex pills, but you should perform exercises to increase the length and to make the gains permanent. I can’t tell you how long your penis is going to be – It depends on a number of things; your current penis size, how long time your want to take the pills, and how long your penis exercise sessions is going to be.
      But you should be able to increase your penis length with around 1 inch in 3 months.

      Best regards,

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