True or False Penis Extenders Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

7 Jul

Penis enlargement is possible through the regular use of penis extenders for a number of months. This is the claim of makers of this device, and this has been substantiated to a certain degree by clinical studies. But aside from increasing the penis size, some men may also be wondering whether or not erectile dysfunction could be cured by these devices.

How do these devices work?

These devices are believed to be capable of achieving the desirable result of having a longer and bigger penis through the process of stretching. Stretching exercises the male organ and this will respond by growing size. This is the same principle used by those who build their muscles. Another basis that is presented is the lengthening of the necks of certain women after stretching them for long periods of time.

Clinical studies

Various studies have shown that these devices can really add at least one inch to the length of the penis, although manufacturers claim that an increase in length of three inches is possible. In one study, more than half of the participants who had mild erectile dysfunction had normal erections after using the penis extenders for at least four hours a day for six months.

Penis pumps as treatment for erectile dysfunction

Penis pumps are believed to be better devices for treating erectile dysfunction. However, they bring with them higher risks of injuring the penis because of the suction force of the vacuum pump. To avoid side effects and injuries, penis pumps should be worn carefully and according to instructions provided by the makers. In case of any discomfort, the use should be discontinued and reported to a physician.

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